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Liquor License/Alcohol Beverage Law and Small Games of Chance

For many years, GLL&S has provided complete and comprehensive representation and counseling on all matters related to liquor licensing, alcohol beverage law and small games of chance.  We assist clients in preparing and filing applications for transfer and ensure that their documentation provides for a smooth and efficient approval.  We work with restaurants, taverns, resorts, golf courses, stadiums and arenas, wholesalers and distributors, brewers and most all other entities in the alcohol beverage industry.  Our representation includes acquisitions, validations and renewals of liquor licenses, transfers of licenses, defense of citations and defense of non-renewals and nuisance actions.  We also assist in renewing small games of changes and bingo licenses and assist our clients with interpreting and understanding the laws and regulations regarding these licenses. 

At GLL&S, we bring our years of experience and credibility to work for our clients and their businesses in all matters relating to liquor licensing, alcohol beverage law and small games of chance.