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Municipal Law


The attorneys at Griffith, Lerman, Lutz & Scheib have in excess of 40 years of experience in municipal and administrative law. We represent boroughs, townships, zoning hearing boards, planning commissions and solid waste and refuse authorities in south central Pennsylvania.


Our attorneys serve as solicitor and special counsel in all areas of municipal law, including:


                     Zoning, planning, land development and commercial improvement projects

                     Personnel and employment issues

                     Solid waste and refuse collection systems

                     Construction of township improvements, including roads and sewers

                     Assessment and collection for township improvements

                     Financing of municipal projects under the Pennsylvania Unit Debt Act

                     Litigation, including defense of municipal officers against civil rights claims


                     Tax free financing through municipal authorities


We also provide a full range of legal services for citizens who need representation before a municipal board of commission. It can be frustrating for a citizen to navigate through municipal regulations and laws without legal assistance. There are notice requirements and postings which require compliance to effectuate your plan application or appeal. Please contact us to discuss and plan how we can serve you in municipal law matters.